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Semion Ochakovsky
from Toronto, Canada.


As a self-taught, impressionistic artist, Semion Ochakovsky is not to be mistaken or confused with other artists. With a palette knife, oil paints and a unique set of skills and techniques, Semion expresses and illustrates his soul and personal discovery through his works.

Semion began selling his work exclusively through word of mouth to friends and family, as well as private art collectors. As a self-representing artist, he distributes and sells his painting over the internet with minimal inclusion of exhibitions and involvement from dealers and galleries.

Born in Moldova, and growing up in the Soviet Union, Semion was inspired by the colours and natural beauty of the country, despite a contrary political landscape. To seek a better life for his family, Semion moved to Israel in 1989, and eventually made his way across the pond to Toronto, Canada in 1996. He currently resides in Toronto with his wife and two sons.